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5SOS crashed The Forum.
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Anonymous: Hello heartbrakegirl, How do you do? I know I’m great how ‘bout you?(well dang I just asked you, didn’t I? smh)Hopefully it’s great or good or well, I’m not the best at reading emotions, so I can’t really tell. I just wanted to say, Every post you make (or reblog) brightens my day, And you just needed a reminder. To get to the point, No matter if a posts be conservative or rash, You will always be, forever on my dash. <3Love your (possibly unrequited) friend, Hanna

Aww thank you! This really made me happy :)

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sarahmarquez24: Do you know the actual heights of all the guys??
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takeawayyourhurt: Hi, Sam! I really love your blog and your url is perfect <3 I'm impressed of your bucket list and happy that you met boys from 5sos :) I hope you're feeling great :)

Aww thank you so much! This really means a lot :)

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