Make Me Choose: heartbrakegirl asked Beanie Calum or Sunglasses Calum?

Anonymous: But couldn't you just say that you are 14, bc idk about the other anon, but I know I don't look 13 and people have mistaken me to be older. I'm not going, but I just wanted to know.

Nope, everyone going to the block party MUST have a valid form of ID with a picture and birthdate.

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Anonymous: closest tumblr friends?

Probably 5sosbangme, hemmowifey, fallenfor5sos, lukey, ashtton, Claire from cuteypiecalum, kisshood, ashfuckwin, etc :)

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Anonymous: When is the block party


Anonymous: what is the block party
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Anonymous: what/where is the block party

The block party is what the 5 Seconds of Summer on Jimmy Kimmel event is called. This event is located in Los Angeles, California.

Anonymous: can i go to the block party if im 13??

Nope! Ticket holders must be at least 16+ and guests have to be 14+.


If you have any general 5SOS questions, feel free to ask me!

Anonymous: hey im confused on how to get tickets for the block party?? how do u get them and are they sold out??? im really confused i heard something abt a lottery but i dont know whats happening

Tickets for the 5SOS block party were only available through a ticket lottery. The lottery has ended and people who have won will be notified until tomorrow night.